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about axis partners, llc


Axis Partners, LLC, was created in 2003 to capitalize on its founder’s collective transaction experience in mergers, acquisitions, and in-house licensing for major corporations. Axis provides merger, acquisition, business development, asset purchase/sale advisory, and capital formation services to corporations, government entities, and non-profit concerns. We have the experience and knowledge to assess opportunities that are lucrative for clients who may not attract the full attention of larger, brand-name firms.

mergers and acquisitions

Axis' professionals have completed numerous merger and acquisition transactions. We provide expertise on deals involving entities that don’t maintain in-house staff professionals but will occasionally manage their portfolio to effect a transaction. Axis takes time to learn the critical elements of our client’s business to generate realistic and fundamentally sound valuations. Axis also assists with negotiation, documentation, and transition issues to insure that the transaction meets or exceeds the anticipated goals.

business development

Axis Partners assists corporations as well as government and non-profit entities to devise and execute strategies that generate new revenue and maximize existing assets. This client base is typically asset rich but resource poor and often cannot afford to invest the time and money necessary to investigate new ideas. Axis analyzes the physical asset base and intangible assets, such as intellectual property, for potential growth opportunities. This analysis enables our firm to create strategies for our clients to partner with private sector enterprises to increase incremental income, to license the rights to intellectual property or to acquire additional assets. Axis Partners investigates and proposes these value-added strategies at no risk to the client. Our goal is to enhance the revenue generating capability of each organization for which we work. The Axis compensation structure is based on the new revenue we help the client produce. This assures our interests remain aligned with our clients through the creation of a mutually beneficial partnership.

asset sale/purchase

Incremental transactions are increasingly common as companies optimize their portfolio of products or businesses. Axis has particular experience in the purchase and sale of assets. Intellectual property, real estate, manufacturing, or entire business lines are among the areas where Axis can provide value-added advice. Marketing your business to the largest group of targeted buyers and making sure your company is best positioned to succeed in an auction or negotiated sale is where Axis proves itself. Paying attention to the details of each situation allows us to excel in competitive situations.

capital formation

Axis Partners can help your company find initial or additional capital for growth. Our network of relationships with high net worth, private equity and venture capital investors provides us a wealth of options for potential discussions about your business.And, our contacts with corporate business development and licensing professionals around the world create alternative means of funding and partnering that can help your business grow. Advising your business on the best path for growth is critical to reaching the next level or goal.