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creating real value from real assets


case study


A large urban school district in New Jersey was looking for ideas to increase revenue without increasing the burden on taxpayers. Understanding the need for wireless carriers to locate sites in or near reisdential areas, Axis worked with the district to create a bid process that met state law and solicited the contact people for the wireless carriers to ensure a robust bid. Axis Partners interacted with all the bidders for site visits, the pre-bid conference, and the drafting of the bid documents and the lease.

This project was the first auction or bid encompassing all of a government agency's real estate assets. Axis Partners served as the project manager, negotiated a standard, owner-friendly lease, interacted with town planning/zoning staff, and tackled the incidental tasks required to initiate construction and commence rent payments.

The initial bid for the client produced a total revenue of $3 million for the district. Additional bids will be held annually, or as often as there is interest by private sector companies.