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If you’re considering installing on-site wireless solutions for your city, property or business, Axis Partners' Technology Division can make it happen.

Cellular and Other Opportunities

Cellular Tower Space Rental It's an ideal option for transit systems, churches, schools and other organizations to realize an additional $2,000 to $3,000 per month, per location by allowing cellular providers to “rent” space on top of their buildings.

Electronic Payment Services For Professionals, i.e. Lawyers, Doctors and hospitals.

Wireless Broadband Solutions

EMS Wireless Broadband Local municipalities to run their emergency data communications off a broadband wireless network. This service can also help cities and towns meet specific homeland security requirements.

Broadband Solutions and Partnerships for Family Services Case workers no longer have to go back to the office when they can file reports wirelessly. And because the reports are filed digitally, there's no filing. Photos and reports go into the system immediately, so at-risk children can be protected before it's too late.

On-Site Wireless Broadband for Construction Companies Axis can also develop wireless networking solutions for construction companies that provide Internet access as well as after-hours security. When construction is complete, the network can be left in place for home security and for Internet access in all parts of the development, including common areas like playgrounds, tennis courts, fitness clubs and other facilities.

Multi-Family Residential Broadband/Security Property management companies can use wireless networks to monitor a particular complex and may even choose to provide wireless broadband Internet access to tenants.

Rural & Suburban Wireless Broadband (WiMax—Coming soon) breaks the digital divide and enables services like distance Medicine, whereby doctors at local hospitals can consult with those in metropolitan hospitals on more difficult cases.