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Resources Into Racehorses

Corporations, local governments, municipalities and non-profit organizations differ in many ways. But we've noticed that frequently, these diverse entities have something very important in common--they're all overlooking important opportunities to maximize existing assets and improve their financial position in the process. That's where Axis Partners comes in. Our exclusive focus is on identifying resources with income generation potential and creating solid business applications that produce revenue for our clients.

Axis Partners turns "resources into racehorses" by finding innovative applications for assets clients frequently consider non-income producing overhead. Thanks to our in-depth expertise, extensive connections in public/private sectors, and track record of innovation, we're able to conceive, design and develop sound business strategies that translate into new income sources or substantial cost and operational savings.

Axis Partners does not apply the traditional "consultative" method. We do not enter client engagements with an eye to improving the efficiency and/or productivity of an existing process. Rather, by bringing a whole new perspective to each client's enterprise, we can look outside the traditional parameters for untapped opportunities. Then we collaborate with our clients to develop carefully constructed business applications that repurpose existing assets. Clients do not contribute any up-front capital to these engagements. Axis Partners receives a pre-agreed-upon percentage of net-new revenue generated. That means no risk and the potential of increasing operational funding simply by leveraging assets you already have. We think that's win/win.